Meet this gorgeous rescued whippet from Muzzle Up! supporter Leanne from the Warwick Dog Training Club.

“She is a rescued Whippet mix so wears a whippet muzzle. (She has a purple and a pink one! I’ve slightly modified them by putting fleece on the nose band),” Leanne writes. “She gets nervous around boisterous dogs and also when people she doesn’t know approach her. I feel so much more confident when she wears it in public. I have been able to take her to the beach, country park and public places where I would have worried before hand.”















Muzzle Up! is always eager to see photos of colorful and comfortable muzzles. Send yours to!

Muzzle Art, Muzzle stigma
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  1. Can you please tell me the brand of muzzle she has? Also, adding fleece is a great idea.


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