Muzzle Up! Online founder and trainer, Maureen Backman

Wondering whether Muzzle Up! Online is the right program for you? Check out what some of our training colleagues are saying:

“Your dog cares much more about missing out on walks, trips to the dog park and other fun activities than he does about wearing a muzzle. Let’s get you as comfortable as your dog in understanding that a muzzle doesn’t restrict and limit life but instead provides the freedom to enjoy it. Imagine the great times awaiting you and your dog – Muzzle Up! Online can help to make those dreams a reality.”

– John Visconti, Certified Professional Dog Trainer, CDPT-KA
Rising Star Dog Training
Fetch More Dollars

“I was so excited when the Muzzle Up! Project was created. This concept was years in the making by an innovative trainer, Maureen Backman, who dreamed of helping dogs thrive in a larger world. I am often sending those who could benefit to this comprehensive site for support and valuable information. Now there is coaching available by the founder herself. Two paws up!”

– Heidi Steinbeck, CTC, CPDT-KA
Great Shakes Dog Training

“Muzzles keep veterinary staff and dogs safe during potentially scary or painful treatments, which is why we suggest muzzle training for all our students’ dogs. I love that we now have such a great online resource to refer them to.”

-Anne Springer, B.A. Dipl., CTDI, CAPCT, VA
Paws for Praise

You can also read what veterinarians are saying about The Muzzle Up! Project in our Vet Q & A series.

Ready to get started? Email us at muzzleupproject@gmail.com today!

– Maureen Backman, MS is the owner of Mutt About Town dog training in San Francisco. She is also the founder of The Muzzle Up! Project and Muzzle Up! Online. To get in touch, email her at muttabouttownsf@gmail.com. 


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