Office hours with Maureen Backman, the founder of the Muzzle Up! Project, occur on scheduled Mondays between 11 am PST – 4 pm PST.

What are office hours?

Office hours are an opportunity for you to consult with Maureen via 45 minutes via Skype on the following muzzle-related topics:

  • Muzzle training questions troubleshooting
  • Muzzle fit issues
  • Muzzle equipment questions

Note that this is for muzzle-related issues only. We will let you know if your request is beyond the scope of what we can ethically offer via remote chats.

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Why does The Muzzle Up! Project offer office hours?

The Muzzle Up! Project is offering office hours as a way to provide support to many of you who have posted on Facebook and sent emails regarding muzzle fit, muzzle style, and general training troubleshooting. We’ve avoided answering a lot of these questions on Facebook and email because we want to ensure that all advice and expertise we lend people is done in an ethical and professional manner.

Simply put: You deserve better than Facebook and email advice when it comes to you and your dog. You know the whole metaphor on receiving medical advice via social media and how it’s unreliable? Well, the same goes for dog training.

Office hours will help more dog guardians receive quality, 1:1 support regarding muzzles.