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** All businesses and organizations on this page have been vetted by The Muzzle Up! Project to ensure quality and force-free treatment of dogs. 

Animal Learning and Dog Training Schools

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The Academy for Dog Trainers
The standard for dog training excellence worldwide. 



The Toronto Centre for Canine Education
Specialty Training for All of Toronto’s Dogs

Veterinary Practices and Veterinary Behaviorists


Jenn Fiendish – CVT, VTS (Behavior)
Animal Behavior Clinic
Dr. Chris Pachel, DVM, DACVB
Portland, OR

Training Products and Retailers


Pet Expertise
Positive Dog Training Supplies & Solutions

Dog Training and Walking Businesses

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A Good Dog Day
Shelly Keel, CTC, KPA CTP, CPDT-KA


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Best Paw Forward
Jamie Badial, MBA 


Sandi Thompson, CPDT


Canine Concepts Behaviour & Training
Claire Grobelaar, DipCABT (Coape, UK) NOCN; CerCAB; CAPBT Practitioner; Certified Ttouch CA P1


Canine Lifestyle Academy
Meghan Burton, CPDT-KA



Chakanyuka Clicker Training and More
Martina Schoppe


Chasing Tail
Ally Verba


Cheery Dogs Logo Color

Jane Marshall
Cheery Dogs, LLC

Dog Tales Walking and Sitting Service
Deborah Deegan


Dogwise Training and Behaviour Center
Heather Lawson, CPDT-KSA, KPACTP, CKC CGN Evaluator


Dog Training by Jess

DTJ logo


GGDW logo small

Golden Gate Dog Walking
Laurel Rose



Humane Domain
Debbie Winkler CABC, CPDT



K9 Consultant
Nathalie Mosbach



Anita Broderick
Little Paws and Big Adventures, LLC



Helen Verte Schwarzmann, CTDI
Love Wags A Tail, LLC



Pant SF
Paige Tuhey



Pant The Town
Darlene Woodward



Anne Springer
Paws for Praise



PowerPuppy Dog Training LLC
Glenn Pierce



Katie Scott-Dyer


Morag Heirs, PhD
Well Connected Canine


Yaletown Dog Training
Sarah Pennington


Wag logo with layers with border copy w5

Wag the Dog and Company, LLC
Jennifer Pratt, CPDT-KA



Yes Dog Adventures LTD
Hallie Mitchell, KPA-CTP

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  1. This is WONDERFUL!!! I am happy to be a supporter of this project and a fellow Dog Walking Academy Grad.

  2. I support this project. It is always great to see a pet guardian allowing their dogs to socialize safely. I am proud to be a Dog*Tec grad. Barb

  3. Great project! Keep up the good work! Let me know if there is anything i can do to help.

  4. Great Project! keep up the good work!

  5. I love this! We actually recommend that all our students teach their dogs to wear a muzzle, in case they should ever become injured. That way, they can be muzzled at the vet’s without added stress.

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