Colorful, comfortable BUMAS muzzles coming to the U.S.

Yesterday, I met up with a friend and colleague who recently got involved with the BUMAS muzzle company. For those who aren’t aware, BUMAS makes made-to-order, colorful, comfortable muzzles for all dog breeds.

Many dog guardians struggle with finding a muzzle that fits their dog, not to mention one that allows for ease of movement and treat delivery. Muzzle Up’s Facebook page and website are full of recommendations to help improve fit and comfort with at-home modifications, but even with these aids, most muzzles available in local stores fall short. Because of BUMAS’s commitment to comfort, safety and a positive image, their muzzles have been a favorite recommendation of mine ever since I discovered their company. (Ironically, my friend told me a majority of the orders BUMAS receives from the United States each year come from the Bay Area, where myself and The Muzzle Up! Project are located. Coincidence? I don’t think so!)

Luckily for those stateside, BUMAS is expanding with BUMAS USA.

I’m sure others sitting in the cafe thought my friend and I were a bit eccentric during our meeting yesterday. The table was covered in a vast array of muzzles of every size and color combination imaginable. (And I may have been squealing with delight at the teacup-sized pink muzzle I’m holding in the photograph above.) I even got to see a muzzle made to fit a brachycephalic snout (think pug).

But more important than two trainers excitedly discussing muzzle specs, the people who saw us and our pile of dog muzzles smiled and wanted to know more about what we were doing. Because of the stigma associated with muzzles, the fact strangers were smiling and curious is a statement to how BUMAS embraces one of The Muzzle Up! Project’s mission statements: “We don’t need to fear muzzles.”

The Muzzle Up! Project has never endorsed a product or company before, but I am very proud to support BUMAS and BUMAS USA because of the company’s high standards and their commitment to humane and comfortable muzzles. On February 12, they are launching a Kickstarter campaign for 30 days to support their expansion into the U.S. Visit their website for more information.

As an extra treat, here’s their pre-release trailer.

For now, stay tuned to The Muzzle Up! Project for further collaborations with BUMAS, as well as more information about their Kickstarter campaign. Share this post, subscribe to our blog, and visit our Facebook community.

12 Comments on “Colorful, comfortable BUMAS muzzles coming to the U.S.”

  1. Any chance of getting one of these muzzles in Canada. I have a black basket muzzle right now. Rizzo looks so mean wearing it. He is a black dog. Would like another color

  2. Okay, I just looked at and designed my BUMAS muzzle at a cost of $244! I removed a security strap and the price went UP to $262!

    There must be another way.

      1. I’ve had the Baskerville muzzle and it wasn’t good. Any other kinds. I’m ok spending more than $30 but like hundreds of dollars

  3. I was lucky enough to win a custom made BUMAS muzzle, but when it arrived it was too big for my dog. It’s a massive gamble to spend this much money on a muzzle that might not fit.

    You have to send them photos with a tape measure on your dog to confirm the measurements, yet they say it’s your responsibility if the muzzle doesn’t fit

  4. Hi I have a Dutchie Hollandaise Herder, I have a muzzle from gappay which is perfect but I wish to have another and I absolutely love yours, also would like to promote the muzzle up project on my Facebook page and I am slowly building a website which I will also like to advertise and promote the project, my boy has been wearing one for years he is both reactive to people and dogs, was doing really well till I moved to France from England. I am starting an agility/Hoopers/obedience all positive handling, would like to buy one of your muzzles and maybe you could send me some banners or flags that I. Can put up. Please

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